Final Resting Place By The Sea

Together with the UK being an island and as a consequence of our marine heritage, burials at sea are a frequent desire for all those that have a sea fairing background.Organising a sea burial may be complex job and isn’t encouraged by UK government because of legal and environmental issues that are confronted.Presently there are only 2 locations around the United Kingdom coast where sea burials are permitted, read more at

But a recent project found from the USA can make burials and memorials at sea a much more reachable proposal. The Neptune Society which specialises in cremation providers in the united states are producing the Neptune Memorial Reef.This reef is situated 3 kilometers from the shore of Miami at 40 ft of blue water that the reef will offer a gorgeous setting for those wanting to be buried at sea.

They intend to make one of the biggest manmade reefs on the planet, depending on the mythical lost city. It’s anticipated that the reef will pay for 16 acres of sea floor and is going to be a sanctuary for marine life to prosper.

The reef will be a charm for divers, ecologists and vacationers in addition to supplying an innovative burial site, with capability for more than 100,000 remains.

The Neptune Society has been created in 1973 and provides US consumers using only, economic and dignified alternatives to classic memorial ceremonies from 38 locations around the nation.For all those that have a marine backdrop a burial at sea might be a feasible alternative to a conventional burial between a headstone and standard church services.